M15 Prerelease Events at the Hall of Heroes!

Hall of Heroes
M15 Prerelease Events


Prereleases provide you with the earliest possible opportunity to play with the newest cards in Magic. Prereleases are enjoyable casual events that encourage fun over competition. You can plan to play all day in multiple events your store runs, or drop by for a single event. Be sure to check with your local store to see if you need to preregister!


Prereleases are Sealed Deck format events, where players are given Prerelease Packs and time to construct a 40-card minimum deck.


Prerelease Packs make deck-building more exciting with the inclusion of specialized, “seeded” booster packs and regular booster packs that let players choose a focus for their deck.


Players get to keep all of the cards opened in their Prerelease Pack or Intro Pack. In addition Prerelease Packs contain a Premium ‘Prerelease foil’ to keep Players who participate in the tournament also have a chance to win additional booster packs of the newest set—an exclusive opportunity to take home even more of the latest cards before they’re available to purchase in stores!


Prerelease events focus on fun and enjoying the upcoming Magic expansion, allowing players a chance to experience the newest cards in a fun and stress-free environment. That said, as Sealed Deck tournaments, they follow certain rules for deck construction and play.


Decks must be constructed with a minimum of 40 cards


Decks may only be built using cards opened in the Prerelease Packs assigned at the beginning of the event, and no outside cards may be added.


Where Can I Play on July 12 – 13, 2014?

The Hall of Heroes!
316 N Mission
Mt Pleasant, MI  48858


What Happens There?

When you show up at a Prerelease you will be given the opportunity to play with the newest cards in the following formats:

Seeded Deck — Each player receives one M15 Prerelease Pack to use for building a deck.

Two-Headed Giant Sealed — Each team of two players receives two M15 Prerelease Packs to use for building their decks. (One Prerelease Pack per player.)


Hall of Heroes
Magic 2015
Prerelease Schedule


Friday, July 11th
FNM as usual
$5 Buy-in


Standard Prize Support


Friday/Saturday, July 11/12th
M15 Midnight Prerelease Event


$25.92 Buy-in
Seeded Deck Format


Saturday, July 12th
M15 Prerelease Event
4PM Start Time


$25 Buy-In
Seeded Deck Format


Sunday, July 13th
M15 Prerelease Event
2PM Start Time


$25 Buy-In
Two-Headed Giant Format


We will have M15 Prerelease Packs and booster prize support available for 60 players to be used between both events!

The more players there are, the larger the prize support pool gets!

Also, door prizes!


Don’t forget to ask for your secret discount!

Article that appeared in Morning Sun News

Fans Hit the Hall of Heroes for Free Comic Books


It isn’t unusual for Jennifer Brender to stop by the Hall of Heroes in Mt. Pleasant to look at comic books.

On her way to work in the dietary department at Tendercare in Mt. Pleasant, Brender went to the North Mission Street store to browse at the variety of comics that were free on Saturday, May 3rd.

Usually, Brender asks to take the day off the first Saturday in May.

This year, she didn’t, but she did have time to do what she always does the first Saturday in May: the annual “Free Comic Book Day.”

A fan of the Green Lantern, Brender was among many comic book aficionados at the store looking at both the gratis copies and other merchandise at Michael Travis-Shuler’s business.

Others were at Veterans Memorial Library in Mt. Pleasant for free comic books as part of Free Comic Book Day, a national event held to celebrate the genre.

Among the free comic books available at the Hall of Heroes were Buck Rogers, Grimm Fairy Tales, Magic Wind, V Wars, Bongo, Hello Kitty and Friends, Bleeding Cool and Atomic Robo.

Along with the free comic books, Travis-Shuler was celebrating his 9th year in business, and offering customers 9 percent off almost everything in the store.

As customers shopped, Hall of Heroes employees got into the festivities, wearing Super Girl, Spider-Man and Punisher costumes.

Travis-Shuler said most customers take two or three comic books during the event, which he said helps promote reading.

Another great thing about comic books, Travis-Shuler said, is the vast assortment available to offer an escape during tough economic times, such as the Depression, when comic books became popular.

Travis-Shuler was busy Saturday, and gave customers stamped Free Comic Book Day cards; anyone who got stamps at both the Hall of Heroes and the library were entered in a raffle to win a $50 gift certificate from Hall of Heroes.

As Travis-Shuler waited on customers, he said the CBS hit series “The Big Bang Theory” has helped the comic book business, and that a lot of people who visit the store have “hilariously” said he looks like Leonard Hofstadter, the character played by actor Johnny Galecki.


 Hmmmm…makes you think!

By Susan Field, sfield@michigannewspapers.com, @sfield_msun on Twitter


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